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Music :: Dr. Dolor – Rambo ft. Teni

Music ::  Dr. Dolor – Rambo ft. Teni
On his birthday, Dr. Dolor Entertainment is proud to present the very first official single from the label boss himself – Osadolor Asemota , popularly known as Dr. Dolor , who adds another amazing year today. On this very special tune dubbed “ RAMBO”, he enlists none other than Nigeria’s next rated musical talent – TENI as they joined forces to deliver a song of true quality.
In a surprise move, Dr. Dolor showed his musical prowess by impressing nicely on his own verse, a move that should probably birth more solo singles from the Boss himself.
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“ Rambo” was produced by Jaysynths Beatz , mixed by
MillaMix and is a sure testament to more tunes coming from the camp of Dr. Dolor Entertainment as they intend to close the year with a bang.


MUSIC: B R – Ni Kadai Ne [Prod. By AY]

Music ::  Basiru Rabo, better known by his stage name B R aka TheOneMicBeater, is a Nigeria rapper, songwriter, recording artist and performer. B R grew up in Kano state where he honed for entertainment over the years. Following a brief hiatus from music, he is back with this amazing banging tune title: Ni Kadai Ne(Am The Only One) Produced by AY. B R has an energetic and versatile feel to his style of music and he looks to take it to another level in the industry. He is active on social media as iamBasirurabo and also known for his signature trends as #Hakan Take#. Simply stream, Download and share your thoughts and opinion in the comment section below. Thank you!!


Music :: Sani martaba kece chikar muradina

Music ::  assalamu alaikum yan uwa da abokan arzuka a yau ma muna dauke da sabuwar waka sani martaba chikar muradi  kudai ayi sauraro lafiya

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Monday, 17 September 2018

Health and services :: 15 Habits that guarantee a flawless skin

friends talking about your skin in no time

How to take care of your skin.  (

Flawless skin is a function of the totality of our lifestyle, what we do daily and how we choose to do them. The following habits, if cultivated will make your skin the envy of all and sundry in no time


Get enough sleep; it is not called beauty sleep for nothing. Try to sleep at least 7-8 hours daily as stress causes several skin problems


Drink at least 2 liters of water daily. Not only does this keep your skin hydrated, it also detoxifies the organs of the body and keeps the skin in good health.
Drink at least 2lts daily.
Drink at least 2lts daily.  (ARY Digital)

3)Wash off Makeup.

Wash off make up every night before you go to bed. When make up is left over night, it clogs pores and leads to break outs on the face.

4)Avoid Touching.

Avoid touching your face so as not to transfer bacteria from the hands to the face and if you must, then wash your hands before touching your face.

5)Wash Hands.

Before you wash your face at any time, wash your hands first.

6)Eat a balanced diet.

Most people with glowing skin are very mindful of what they eat, you should do likewise to get their results.


Exercise is as important as sleep to your skin. You need to exercise to improve blood circulation and get oxygen to the organs of the body which in turn keeps your skin healthy and bright.

8)Spa treatment.

Visit the spa at least once a month for professional body treatments, this helps your skin glow and gives opportunity to experts to examine your skin often.
Visit the Spa monthly.
Visit the Spa monthly.  (


Change your sponge at least once every 2 months. If left for too long, your sponge can begin to accumulate bacteria which is unhealthy for your skin.


Do not pop your pimple, no matter how bad the urge is. This is to prevent it from scarring and leaving dark marks on the face.


Wash your pillow case at least once a week because it touches your face a lot and harbour bacteria and dirt which are not good for the skin.


Clean your phone once a week with a sanitizer. We drop our phones in several unhygienic places and still bring it to our face when receiving calls, this can cause a lot of problems for the skin.


Use separate towels for body and face because the face is more sensitive and using the same towel for body and face can spread bacteria to the face causing acne and other skin problems.

14)Face Towels.

Wash your face towels every 2 days especially if you have acne. You may need to have more than one face towel to make this possible.
Exercise is as important as sleep to your skin.
Exercise is as important as sleep to your skin.  (Holistic Ebony)

15)Before and After Workout.

When going for work outs/exercises, do not apply make up and ensure you take a shower immediately after work out. Do not let the sweat dry up on your body.
Keep up these habits and get your friends talking about your skin in no time
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Written by Debbie Ibiyemi
Debbie Ibiyemi is a certified beauty therapist/dermal consultant with several years of experience treating the black skin. She primarily spreads the message of safe skincare practices across several platforms and helps people get their desired flawless skin

Fashion and style :: 23 Badass Tribal Braids Hairstyles to Try

In need of a new hairstyle? Then this is the place to be! We have found 23 of the badass tribal braids hairstyles for you to try. There are braids to suit every style, from ponytails to buns, and even braids with vibrant colors. The only problem you will have by the end is deciding on which braided look to try! So, what are you waiting for? Take a look and we guarantee you will soon be booking your next hair appointment.

1. Tribal Braids into a Bun

The first hairstyle we have to show you is this beautiful braided bun. This bun sits high on the head with loose braids at the sides and braid cuffs. Braided buns like this are gorgeous and would be perfect for occasions where you want to look elegant and glam.
Tribal Braids into a Bun
Source: @juschardell

2. Vibrant Tribal Braids

Next, we have vibrant tribal braids. The braids are styled into a ponytail and are bold pink. We love this hairstyle and it is perfect for the ladies who want a bold new look. You can recreate these braids or even try a different vivid shade.
Vibrant Pink Tribal Braids for Summer
Source: @dominiquesvanitycorner

3. Tribal Feed In Braids with Cords

You can make the simplest of braids look trendy and unique by using hair accessories. These feed in braids are jazzed up with cords and braid cuffs. You can use different color cords like featured or just use one. A sleek and stylish hairstyle like this will suit everyone.
Tribal Feed In Braids with Cords
Source: @stitchedbyshari

4. Tribal Braids with Beads

While we are on the subject of hair accessories, you need to check out these tribal braids with beads. The medium length braids are adorned with lots of beads in different shapes and colors. There are also some shells added too. Beads are an easy way to update your braids. The more different shapes, colors, and styles you add to your braids, the better they will look.
Tribal Braids with Beads
Source: @teyonahparris

5. Tribal Braids with a Stunning Intricate Pattern

Our next idea features tribal braids with an intricate braided pattern. The braids almost look like a heart with a braid in the center. Braids like these are perfect for anyone who wants to express their individual style. Recreate a pattern like this or come up with your own.
Tribal Braids with a Stunning Intricate Pattern
Source: @fancy_claws

6. Beautiful Blonde Braids

You can add any color you like to braids. One of the most popular colors is blonde, and with hairstyles like the one featured below, we can see why. Here we have braids that have different shades of blonde running through them. This is a beautiful hair idea that will suit everyone. It is perfect for bringing a summery vibe to your look all year round.
Beautiful Blonde Fulani or Tribal Braids
Source: @zadiya_baker

7. Tribal Braids with Beads and Cuffs

If you are looking for trendy braids, then this hair idea is for you. Here we have tribal braids with cuffs and beads. What we like about this look is that the pattern and accessories are not over the top. Hair like this will suit everyone. Choose long braids like featured or try short ones. Any length will look great, that’s for sure.
Tribal Braids with Beads and Cuffs
Source: @divynedavyna_hairstyles

8. Braided Ponytail

Next, we have a super stylish braided ponytail idea. The ponytail sits high on the head, has loose braids at the side and is styled with gorgeous hair accessories. Recreate the ponytail and add your own accessories to make the ponytail unique. The center braid looks beautiful so try and keep a similar look.
Fulani Braids into a Braided Ponytail
Source: @lielt_samrawit

9. Pretty Tribal Braids with Side Pattern

The patterns you can have in braids are endless. These braids are quite simple until you see the sides. There is a small section on the side of the head with a trendy line design. We love this look because it makes an impact but it isn’t too dramatic.
Pretty Tribal Braids with Side Pattern
Source: @vibeofanubian

10. Tribal Braids into a Long Ponytail

Braids look so stylish when they are styled to one side. Here we have a braided ponytail with a subtle twist design at the top and braids that sit on side. This is a beautiful hairstyle that is finished off with accessories. You can recreate with or without the beads and cuffs.
Tribal Braids into a Long Ponytail 
Source: @fancy_claws


In need of a new hairstyle? Then this is the place to be! We have found 23 of the badass tribal braids hairstyles for...
news If your pad or tampon gets soaked after every few hours, you could be having a condition known as menorrhagia which is characterized by...


[Music] Hamisu Breaker -Cikin Dare

Music :: Tsohuwar wakar hamisu breaker kenan mai suna ” Cikin Dare ” waka mai dauke da abin tausayi ga irin wanda wannan abu ya faru a kanshi duk da cewa wakar Labarine kagagge wanda wamakin ya kirkira domin nishadantar da masoya da kuma tausayamusu musamman wanda suka shaku a cikinta.
– Ya zanyine ya zanyine ya zanyineee
– Sarari mahutar bayi
– Kwana nake inayin kuka
– Cikin dare
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– Yau gani da tsakar dare
– So shi kan bayyana cutar nan mai suna hawan jini
– Na kasance bani bacci cikin idanuna
– Sanadin soyayya da ta sauya duk tunanina
– Da nima mutuwa ta taho ta dauki raina
– Zaifimin sauki da zama cikin dare fama

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Sunday, 16 September 2018

Video :: [Full Film] Mai Kyau 1to4 Hausa Fim 2018

Video ::  Sabon hausa fim mai suna ” Mai Kyau ” Shirin kamfanin Abnur Entertainment wanda suka saba kawo muku fina finai masu kayatarwa.
Jaruman Fim din sun hada da-
Ali Nuhu
Fati Washa
da Dai Sauransu.
Shirin Nura M Inuwa







[Video] Dadin Kowa Sabon Salo Episode 71 AREWA24

Video ::  domin kallon cigaban shirin dadin kowa na satin da ya gabata kawai kukasance damu.
Samarin nan biyu sun faso gari, ko ya jama’ar Dadin Kowa za su karbe su?
BINTALO na cikin wani hali, DELU COGAL ta tsure, MAL. MUSA ya harzuka.
300×250 inPost
MAIGARI da tawagarsa sun rankaya wajen DPO don nemo yadda za su tunkari sabuwar matsalar da ta taso a garin Dadin Kowa.



Music ::  asaalamu alaikum yan uwa da abokan arzuka a yau ma dauke Muke da sabuwar waka da daga chikin company abnur entertainment  mai suna bilya s saji

A dauke da wakar biki husna kudai kuyi sauraro lafiya


Saturday, 15 September 2018

[Music] Nura M Inuwa -Mai Tarbiyya (Official Audio)

Music ::  Sabuwar wakar nura m inuwa wace yayiwa matarsa mai suna ” Mai Tarbiyya” inda yake tayata murnar cikar shekarar haihuwarta.
Wakar gaskiya tayi dadi sosai.
– Kai mai tambaya hali jarine cikin mutane
– Jigon tafiya happy birthday nake wa matata mai tarbiyya
– Koba tambaya hali jarine cikin mutane
– Jigon tafiya happy birthday ke mukewa kyakkyawa mai tarbiyya
300×250 inPost
– Kai mai tambaya hali jarine cikin mutane
– Jigon tafiya kyau na dabi’a ke ake kwatance dadin kwai kwaya
– Nasa Allahu kaliqin sarkina mai bani yau da gobe
– Wanda yayo mai kudi talakawa bai wariya da zabe


               DOWNLOAD VIDEO HERE

Hip hop music :: halifa SK freestyle

Music :: assalamu alaikum yan uwa da abokan arzuka  a yau ma Muna dauke da sabuwar waka Halifa SK. Freestyle
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Friday, 14 September 2018

Kwankwaso ko ganduje wani Dan ganbara kenan dayayiwa kwankwaso sabuwar ...

Labaran dduniya: Yadda zakuyi register Bashin 10,000 A layukan wayoyinku na federal government

Assalamu Alaykum
Bayani Akan yadda zaku samu Bashin federal government na naira 10,000.
Wannan dai bashine da federal government take basuwa ba dole bane saika biya Amma ga duk wanda yabiya bashin 10,000 dinsa zasu sake bashi damar samun wani bashin 40,000 har zuwa 1,000,000.
Bugu da kari wannan bashin gaskiya ne domin duk wanda yayi register kafin sallar layya already yakarbi kudinsa.
Domin samun naku saiku kubi wannan step din daya bayan daya.
Daga farko zakuyi dialing na wannan code

Sai kasa number wayarka wada kuke amfani da IRA

Sai kasa username ma ana sunaku Wanda kuke amfani dashi

Sai sunan ugunwarku  address inda kuke da zamaa
Sai number tsaro guda hudu ma ana pin Wanda baxakaku mantaba
Shikenan kun kammala register.
Saiku jira idan aka sake kudin zakuga sakon waya yashigo a wayoyinku akan yadda zakuyi transfer na kudinku zuwa :-
Account Bank
Recharge Card
Dolene karike abinda kasaka a pin domin wannan pin dashine zaka iya cire kudinka idan federal government sun sake kudin,
Kuci gaba da kasancewa da wannan shafin a koda yaushe domin sanin yadda zaku fitarda kudinku idan sunshigo .
Domin karin bayani
08035971242 / 08035597422 / 08060645969

[Music] Saniyon M Inuwa -Mariyatul Kifdiyya

Music :: Sabuwar wakar mawaki saniyon m inuwa mai suna ” Mariyatul Kifdiyya ” wakar da yayiwa masu masoyiya mariya domin suma susananayi dasu a fagen masoya.
– Mariyatul Kifdiyyaaah
– Kina sona ina sonki bazamu rabebaaa
– Kifdiyya nazo gareki bani masauki inda zani kwana
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– Nataho da tambura na doka miki sarauniyata
– Kasa samun sanyi a raina
– Sirri na raina shi zanatona
– Tunani naki dare da rana


Thursday, 13 September 2018

Breaking news: Beverly Osun Defends Controversial photo of Her Smoking in Catholic Nun Outfit

Beverly Osu Defends Controversial Photo Of Her Smoking In A Catholic Nun Outfit
Sep 11, 2018 8:59 PM
Beverly Osu
Big Brother Africa star, Beverly Osu was recently featured on a magazine cover in a racy nun habit with controversial poses.
In one of the pictures, she was dressed as a nun smoking cigarette. This picture has caused a lot of reactions by fans and friends as some look at it as a very bad act.
She has finally reacted to the reactions on her instastory.
She wrote,
“I am a born and practicing catholic so I know and take ur faith seriously. People should rather worry and pray for the hundreds of thousands of innocent victims that are rapped by over 300 priest in Pennysylvania than worry over a harmless picture that is a mere work of art.
“In any case reverend sisers and fathers smoke in real life which has not been established as sin to my knowledge. Dear Nigerians I don’t do what I do for applause .. If this images came out from a movie, will it be ok? It’s funny how you all just sinned because of a beautiful artistic picture : lol I laugh in Hebrew… MATTHEW 7:1-5 … #BEVERLYSAYS”
See photos below.


Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Music :: Hamisu Breaker -Diyar Fulani Offical Audio

Sabuwar wakar Hamisu breaker mai suna ” Diyar Fulani ” waka wace aka buga da kidan kalangu duk cikin nishadantar da masoya da sauran masu sauraren wakokin hausa.
– Hamisu breaker hayaaa
– Kauna tana kirana
– Dan Allah dawo diyar fulani
– Domin ki aminta ki kulani
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– Sirrin dake a ranki bani
– Kuma ni ban wuce ka’idaba
– Masoyiya sanyin idaniya
– Gamo dake riba sarauniya
– A duniya samun masoyi riba
– Bikin danai nasan ba zaki jaba


Music :: sani martaba nayarda dake

Music : sabuwar waka sank martaba daya daga chiki mawaka  kannywood kuma daya daga chiki masu fassara India fassara Hausa a company sultan kudai kusaurari wakarsa

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